About donations

Monthly, HeyDay will award up to 5 gift certificates to benefit area nonprofits. In return for these gifts, we ask that you share our name with your event attendees, as well as consider us as a location to host your future events, as appropriate.

HeyDay takes pride in being a part of the community and strives to give back to local organizations at every opportunity possible. The goal of HeyDay’s community giving program is to help improve the areas where we live and operate, while also strengthening local relationships. Programs selected for funding will have clearly defined objectives, measurable end results and provide a positive return on our investment.

To continuously support and engage in the community, HeyDay also offers various fundraising opportunities that can be easily coordinated with a member of the Events team. For more information on theses events, please submit and event request form for your location of choice here.

Requirements for Donation Applicants

  • Complete and submit the application form

  • Be located within a 45 mile radius of a HeyDay location

  • Benefit communities in which the organization is located or area it impacts

  • Fill a recognized need in the community

Donation Application Review Process and Deadlines

Donation applications are reviewed monthly and decisions are based on an organization’s qualification and completion of the application. An application for a donation is due at least 30 days prior to the use or presentation of the certificate. Applicants will be contacted by email if HeyDay approves the request.

Application Requirements

Please complete the information requested below. Failure to do so will disqualify the donation request.


Regulations and Restrictions

  • The certificate must be used by the stated expiration date. Additional regulations and restrictions will apply and are listed on the certificate.

  • Donations will be limited to one per year for the organization, unless otherwise specified. Organizations may reapply each year, however, previous donations are not necessarily precedence for additional support.

  • Applications must focus on one specific program or event within your organization.

  • Organizations with numerous sites may only submit one application for the entire organization per donation cycle. Organizations submitting multiple applications may be disqualified.

  • Organizations must be a 501 (c) (3) and pledge to use any certificate to benefit their organization. Donations are not for individual use.

  • HeyDay reserves the right to accept or reject any application and to approve or disapprove any proposal for funding. HeyDay also reserves the right to change the application criteria at any time.

  • Other limitations may apply and will be evaluated on an individual basis.