Virtual Reality Experience  

HeyDay now has a virtual reality experience!

We Play VR is a modular concept that brings VR to out-of-home venues. The setup uses a backpack HTC Vive and is built around an enclosed structure. The floor is also part of the experience, employing a motion floor design. The current game available is Mayan Adventure which is a 5-minute experience. 

Our recommended age for players is six and above.


mayan adventure

The player ventures in search of the lost statue of the Golden Monkey, which is hidden within the walls of a Mayan temple, guarded by the Serpent God and protected so only those who know the secrets can reach it. Players walk around a physical gaming space while they enter and travel through virtual tunnels, descending deeper into the depths of the ancient temple as they search for the prize that others have failed to reach. 




Each session is 5 minutes.

One session:

Guests will use their FUNcard to pay (cash only, no bonus cash)

Plan ahead and check our facility buyout dates & times